Isacta Control is specialized in electrical and electronic design of industrial machinery and in the development of control engineering applied to automatization, robotics and process control.

Isacta Control develops applications for PC, PLC, HMI and SCADA systems.

We work with automotive standards (VASS, SICAR, DCP, FIASA, PL7, DAG…). And also we work in others sectors with our own standards checked and completely functional, that ensures short delivery times and a high end quality.

Our engineers will work with you one on one in designing equipment to your specifications; thereby allowing us to build the highest quality machine to meet your production requirements.

Whether you’re looking for integrator support services, automation systems, or replacement parts, Isacta Control has the experience to provide the highest quality equipment for your needs.

Isacta Control Services Include among others;

  • Electrical Design.
  • Electrical Panel Building.
  • PLC Programming.
  • Robotics Programming.